High above Lake Walen in front of the impressive Churfirsten lies a symbol of peace at 1282 meters above sea level. The Paxmal was built by Karl Bickel between 1924 and 1949. The Swiss artist and graphic artist created the monument alone in twenty-five years of hardship. He thus created a quiet, peaceful place for visitors to gather and contemplate.

The right wall shows the spiritual side of life: the awakening, the struggling, the looking and the rising. The left side, on the other hand, shows earthly life with a human couple.

Sitting down in the center in front of the monument and reflecting released energy.

location and access

From Walenstadtberg it goes further up to a parking lot. From there, the Paxmal is easily accessible on foot.

opening hours

The Paxmal is freely accessible from spring to autumn.

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